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A · Ship · of · Fools

With a Grinning Reaper at the Tiller

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And now, after much delay, the end!

Basically, there were two plots going on in the game. In one, the point was to reduce the population of the boat dramatically and progressively. The second is really the plot of what happened to establish the Traditions and what Jalabert did.

Survival Plot:

The next challenge would have opened a portal to wherever anyone considered home in their quarters. Bail-out chance - walk through the portal and you're back home, safe. After 72 hours, the portals close. Anyone who chooses to be on the home side is off the boat.

After that, the next very big event in the game was going to be Jalabert's assasination by the Nephandi. It was going to be unexpected and brutal, and was going to leave the boat in the hands of some very powerful Nephandi. This was going to be a bit of a problem - especially since taking out Nephandi, not the easiest thing in the world. The Sephiroth that this would have corresponded with was the missing one that had been alluded to - the one corresponding to the Tenth Sphere. From here on out, it would have been a degenerating battle with a real possibility of death until we got to the final challenge.

I hadn't actually firmly worked out the next two challenges.

The final challenge would have been this: True Magic fails. Period. It's gone, all mages are normal mortals. If the Nephandi hadn't gone down yet, this would be where they fall. Whether other mages go down would be based entirely on how they had cultivated genuine alliances with others. This would have brought us to the point where the two plots functionally merged.

Jalabert Plot:

So here's basically what happened. The other game (The Medieval one) was a quest for the Spear of Destiny, which would have been used by an alliance of the forces that became the Traditions and the Technocracy in part of a MASSIVE magical rote that would have completely rewritten reality. The players in that game would have effectively been forced to make a choice - use the spear to complete that ritual, or let reality completely fray and unravel. I was trusting that they'd pick the ritual, but I'm kind of glad that it didn't come to that, in hindsight.

So, basically, this ritual had one purpose - to end the Ascension War that was going on among hundreds of perspectives and forces, and to replace it with a war between the Technocracy and the Traditions. The thought being that even though those two sides hated each other, they hated everyone else a LOT more. That's why renegades were so hated - they were artifacts of old magic. The ritual involved creating ten spheres that would contain all magic, and advancing time 400 years so that there was no opportunity for the war to play out differently - to take it to when the war was truly entrenched in the form that both sides wanted. The spear, basically, remained as one giant piece of duct tape holding the universe together, which is why when Gideon disturbed it he broke a century.

Jalabert was part of a crew that attempted to fight this. In an attempt to be clever, they hid in the 400 years that got skipped and tried to mount an attack from outside the area that the ritual encompassed. It was mostly unsuccessful - the whole crew was slaughtered by Illyria except for Jalabert, who managed to hold her off by, basically, throwing her into the tenth sphere itself. Results of this were that the tenth sphere collapsed and became Quippothic Entropy, which also explains Illyria's weakness. This all would have been firmly established by the end of the game.

Side note: Khris's Children

I actually had nothing in mind here. Illyria had the good one, the bad one was sealed up in heaven. Stalemate, at least up until the end of the game.

End of the Game:

The boat arrives outside of the universe. There's no magic here, because there's nothing here. The game is now this - create a universe with its own rules outside of the universe. Use the new universe to rewrite the old universe to your specifications. Win.

Only problem - there's only room for one. If two people try to create universes, game over, nobody wins. So the ship has to agree to let one person do it. Or kill everybody who opposes you.

And that's the extent of what was decided. Past that it was wide open to see who's vision of the universe would win. My guess was Khris, who would have done the universe more or less purely to get her children back. But I really had no idea.

So that was that game. Questions?
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Do we want to declare this game dead, in which case should I write up the ending?
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Just so everyone is aware

The game time will now be at 9pm on THURSDAYS!

So we won't be gaming tonight, but instead Thursday!

Also, whenever people get together to do downtime stuff of course.

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8 for everyone in the session. Arete below:

Cara: 5
Kiery: 3
Matt: 5

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Because I'm writing exegesis that is due in 9 hours, I thought it was the perfect time to update lj!

Basically we need to rework the game time for the start of the school year. I was an idiot and forgot I will have class on Mondays until 9pm. Same deal with Wednesdays (as does our ST).

So the real question is, what night is good for people?

Currently it seems to be that Thursdays at 7:30 are the best bet. How does that sound to people?

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I probably won't be around for the game this evening (which I think is happening, if not then disregard this message). Unfortunately tonight is my only off night after working 4 straight graveyard shifts, and I gotta work two more nights starting tomorrow. I really, really need to be away from a computer screen for a few hours, so I'm leaving the house for at least a little while, and I doubt I'll be back in time for gaming.

Hope you all have fun in any case!

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* * *

In any case, give your character +3 intelligence and the flaw curiosity. Now.

And if we don't run monday we'll play tuesday.

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Matt: 0
Cara: 6/4
Karl: 8
Kiery: 8/6
Ed: 5/4
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If you spent background points on a familiar, chimerical companion, walking talking avatar, or other small furry creature that follows you around, take a rebate on those points.

Simply put, they're not working out in chat rooms. I can't put that many NPCs in at once. So you're not getting your points' worth, so I'd like to give them back.

You have as many freebies as you spent to spend. You may not spend them to raise anything you've already raised with experience.

Enjoy, and sorry for any inconvenience/disappointment this causes.

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I'm going to be gone this weekend, but I wanted to leave us with a challenge for next Monday.

Figure out what quote best describes your character and post it. It can be from wherever - just figure out what fits the most.

It gives you something to look back at when everything else goes to hell in the game =)

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